Funny Moments

I don’t want you think that we didn’t have some funny moments while Steven was in Guns and Roses.  One in particular happened when he was first signed by Geffen Records.  They were playing at the Roxy in Hollywood.  His grandmother “Big Lilly” wanted to see him play so I took her with me.  We arrived at the venue and a few minutes later I could not find her.  She had gone to the front of the stage in front of all these hugh speakers and was waving to Steven and throwing him kisses.  Steven was laughing.  Now picture this: a 75 year old woman about 4 1/2 ft. tall in front of the stage,  Right on stage where she was standing is Axl Rose wearing chaps!  No underwear, just chaps, and his tushey was facing her.  I ran down to the front and took her back to where we were sitting.  I was laughing so hard and could see that Steven was still laughing.  But you know what, she didn’t even notice Axe.  She had eyes only for her grandson Steven. What a night!

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