The year is 2006, Steven has a great opportunity to play a gig in Argentina.  Gilby Clark who played with Guns & Roses at one time has his own band and invited Steven to join them on a So American tour.  I hope all goes well, but Steven in on methadone and can’t go a day without it.  By the way, methadone is legalized herein that the government dispenses at local clinics every day.  As with heroine if you don’t take the methadone you are going to get very, very sick and it’s not a pretty sight.  Steven had called me a few days into the tour and said he was fine and having a great time.  I hung up the phone and said “thank God” but I thanked God too fast because the next day the band’s manager called to tell me he was sending Steven home.  It seemed Steven took an overdose of methadone and was completely out of it.  So they sent him home on the next flight to L.A.  He screwed himself again.  Does it ever end?
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