Never Give Up on Your Child

 Never give up on your child!  I can’t tell you how many times Steven has shit on me.  Too numerous to count.  So why don’t I run away? Believe me I have tried.  I even moved to another state but even that didn’t work.  My sons are the most important reason for my living.  They bring me joy and they bring me heartbreak.  In Steven’s case there is more heartbreak then joy.  From the moment I held Steven in my arms I knew I was in trouble.  It’s awful for a mother to say such a thing but it was true.  He was a beautiful baby.  Big blue eyes, blond hair.  Women would look at him and cry because he was so beautiful.  In my heart I knew he was trouble, I didn’t know what it was but knew trouble lay ahead.  
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One thought on “Never Give Up on Your Child

  1. I am 35 and my fiancé is 32. My mother has not helped me, financially, in years (since LONG before I ever even tried heroin). Her boyfriend came on to me back in 2008 and I refused his advances. I confided in Meph, my fiancé, and told him that nothing good would come from telling my Momma. *sigh* He never listens to me, so he told her. I got kicked out of her place because she said it was a lie (her boyfriend fathered a little girl 2 years into their relationship, with another woman). Mephs mom told my parents we were shooting dope, so my dad won’t help us with anything (shelter, food, gas, car repairs or… anything…). It isn’t like we ask for $, just help here and there. His dad is an ex Army Ranger, and an alcoholic a-hole who has never really helped his son, but HIS mom, the only one who knows what struggling is, helps us. I can talk and cry to my mother, but that is about it. If it had not been for her idiot boyfriend! Meph and I would probably have been staying with her. He would not have met the girl (the junkie Nikki) and our lives would not be where they are.
    So what I am getting at is that when parents give up on their children, anger and resentment grow and fester. Worse than that, though, parents, your children will, eventually, give up on themselves.

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