Celebrity Rehab

What’s it like to have a son that no matter how much he destroys himself and the people around him he can do no wrong in the public eye? I have met people who think I am the worst mother in the world, in fact, I am known as the meanest mom in the world. When Steven appeared on Celebrity Rehab I was on it for maybe one minute. I came across as horrible.  People don’t see what really went on behind the scenes. They edit the film to suit them. People want drama so they made me look like a bitch!  After the show aired I was having breakfast with Steven and asked him why he made me look so bad, his answer was “Ma you looked good, they wanted drama and we gave it to them”. I told him it just wasn’t right and next time I will know better.  Hopefully there will never be a next time.  
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One thought on “Celebrity Rehab

  1. Deanna,
    What an incredible story, I will definitely want to read the book. I always thought if something like this happened to my kid, I would just walk away out of frustration and the “tough love” mentality. It’s interesting to see the other side of it. Thanks for sharing your story with us, and hanging in there for your son. I hope one day he can appreciate it.

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