Today is My Birthday!

June 26, 2012, my birthday!  Today I am 71 years old.  I don’t feel any older then I did at age 30.  Of course I have slowed down a bit but still feel great.  The main thing is that I try to make everyday count.  The stress that I’ve had for the past 25 years is slowly leaving my body.  I’m finally learning to cope with my disappointments and to really enjoying being just who I am.  Life is a gift, a very precious gift and I want to enjoy whatever life I have left.  Live, love and be happy, that’s all anyone can ask for.
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16 thoughts on “Today is My Birthday!

  1. Just like my feelings toward Christmas, Birthdays were never really kind to me. I hope your Birthday allows you to do something kind and special for yourself and as a present to me, I hope to read a blog posting about what you did for yourself and how you enjoyed the moment

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