It’s The Drugs Talking… Not My Son

June 2001, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing today! Steven Started calling me first thing in the morning for money. I just gave him $1000 two days ago. So when I couldn’t take it anymore I answered the phone. I told him I would send him some money today. 15 minutes goes by and again he calls , I’m not sending it fast enough. Go to Western Union Now!!! He starts to verbally attack me. The names he calls his own mother you can’t believe them, but I know in my heart that its the drugs talking not my son. Sometimes it gets very hard to pretend that I’m so strong. Sleepless nights filled with worry that I’m going to get that one phone call a mother dreads when they have a child that’s a drug addict! ‘Hello Mrs. Adler this is the Los Angeles County Coroner’ that’s one call I pray that I never receive.

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Deanna Adler


5 thoughts on “It’s The Drugs Talking… Not My Son

  1. Thank you for following my blog! I can absolutely relate to what you’re going through and am so sorry that this is still happening for you. Although, I am not the mother of a drug addict, I have family and friends who have had problems with drugs and alcohol, which has affected me directly as well. It’s really hard to watch them go through it and to worry about getting the call that we all dread. I hope for the best for your son and family. You are in my thoughts.


    Professor Finch

    • Oh, sorry! I didn’t realize what this was exactly about. I don’t know much about Guns ‘n’ Roses or Steven Adler, but I do hope things are much better for your family!

  2. I also know the nightmare all too well. One mother, three addicts. Praise the Lord, I have not received that dreaded phone call, however, the worry that I will receive it, is endless. May the good Lord bless our children.

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