Money! Money! Money! The root of all that is evil! Especially when you are dealing with the drug addict! Every time the phone would ring I would panic because I knew it was Steven. If I didn’t send him the money immediately I would become his worst enemy. Whore! Slut! Bitch! And I could go on. Those are just a few of the names he called me. But the worst thing was the tone of his voice that made me quiver. preorder my book ‘Sweet Child of mine’ so maybe you can understand my life. One thing for sure it’s been a hell of a ride!

Deanna Adler

2 thoughts on “Money!

  1. sometimes you have to be their worst enemy for their best good in the long run, no matter how much the names and the horrible things they say hurt, wearing that and allowing them to take responsibility for their own actions could be the greatest gift you ever give but possibly the hardest, it’s very and lonely and painful to be hated by your children but that can pass and their can be great rewards 🙂

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