Captain Casual


Capt. Casual, that was the name Steven used when he was in guns and roses to check into hotels while on tour. He would change it often but the time we went to see him that was his alias. Guns and roses were touring with the”CULT” he really wasn’t speaking to us that much but Jamie had heard he was going to be performing in orange county and he wanted to see his brother. Believe me, if it wasn’t for Jamie I would never have gone, but Jamie missed his brother so much and wanted to see him. I always tried to make excuses to Jamie why Steven never called. We arrived at his hotel around lunchtime and I asked the clerk for Capt Casuals room. We knocked on his door and after a few minutes he answered and the first thing he said was Why are you here? I didn’t invite you! You can never imagine the hurt we felt! I told him Jamie wanted to see his brother! It’s so sad for your own son to say that to you. If Jamie wasn’t with me I would have left then. Steven told us to go to the hotel restaurant and get some lunch and he would be there soon. Of course Steven never showed up. After lunch we went back to the room to tell him we were leaving and to take care of himself. He answered the door and let us in. The room was dark and I asked Steven to turn on a light. Next to his bed was a set of metal suitcases. He said they were a gift from Aerosmith. I started to open the smaller one and all of a sudden Steven screamed don’t open that. He was so angry. Later on I learned that was where he kept his drugs! I wished I could leave but Jamie wanted so bad to be with Steven and to see him play. God! He hurt us so much through the years. My heart was broken for Jamie. Jamie must have been eleven years old at the time. He loves Steven so much! We went to see the concert. My husband and I sat toward the back of the venue and watched the people come in. Jamie was near the stage with Steven’s bodyguards. It seemed like everyone was smoking pot and no one cared. This was not the environment I wanted for Jamie but I promised him he could watch the show. On the way home Jamie fell asleep and I nursed a giant headache! It must have been all the pot I inhaled. I have many stories to share so pre-order my book Sweet Child of mine. You won’t be disappointed!!!


Deanna Adler


One thought on “Captain Casual

  1. Cannot imagine the hurt you felt having your son say this to you – and to his brother. My knees would have buckled on the spot! I have repressed the post – The pain heroin has caused you and your family and countless others is so hard to describe to someone else unless you personally have experienced it. The way it robs the persons “soul” and steals their heart is so sad – lord, knows I was numb for years….and I am still struggling. Sorry for your pain.

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