Becoming Strangers!

After Steven was signed with Geffen records he became a stranger to us. Maybe he would call a few times a year! Of course a lot of the time he was touring with guns and roses but even when he was home it was rare that we heard from him. His bandmates were now his family. It was hard for myself but even harder for Jamie. The kids at school knew who his brother was and were constantly asking about him. I can’t even imagine how hurt he must have been, because in reality Jamie didn’t talk to his brother let alone know where he was! As an adult I could handle the hurt but for a young boy whose older brother was a”rockstar”that had to be so hard on Jamie. But the years go by and you grow up and hopefully you can come to terms with your feelings. When people meet me, they always say how lucky I am to have a rockstar for a son. When you read my book “Sweet Child of mine” you’ll know that I’m not lucky at all! I always say I wouldn’t wish my life on my worst enemy!!! If I had a chance to live my life over I would say no thank you! I’m glad I’m just where I’m at!

 Deanna Adler


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