Saturday, teenagers! A parent’s nightmare! Did you know that the older your children get the dummer you become! There was a time when they were little that they listen to all you had to say but alas they all grow up.( thank god) now we have teenagers and the only people they listen to  are their peers! I call my son’s My kings as they are my life. good times or bad times they are still the most important people in my life. I feel very blessed to have each of them. Believe me, they are far from perfect but yet I am blessed! Today they are all grown and on their own. But I will never forget the teenage years! They are forever etched in my memories. Kenny no problem! Jamie no problem! Steven, now he could eat your heart out! From the age of 12 it was downhill all the way. His friends were the most important people in his life. I didn’t know at the time that after we went to sleep he would sneak out of his bedroom window and meet his friends at the corner Park and smoke pot with them! I asked him later on in life why I didn’t know what he was doing and he answered me  because I didn’t want you to know! Maybe also because I was so naïve. I was never around any type of drugs so what did I know. Absolutely nothing! So when I tell you teenagers are a parent’s nightmare you can take my word for it. I know from experience! I have lots of stories to tell you. I’d love for you to pre-order my book “Sweet Child of mine.”It’s a story i think everyone can relate to.

 Deanna Adler



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