Dr. Drew Vindicated Me On His Radio Show

Today I received exciting news! I’m having friends from Cleveland and Michigan visit me at the end of the month. It’s been years since we all got together! Maybe, I will go on a diet! I said maybe! When we get together it’s like time has stood still. We just pick up from where we last saw each other. It’s amazing! I am so lucky to have These friends for the past 57 years. Wow did I just say 57 years! These friends have gone through all the stress and disappointments with me that I have had through the years with Steven. They know everything I’ve gone thru. The one constant thing about having good friends is that they never judge and they have always believed in me. When Steven told all those lies on national TV they were the ones that e-mail and called Dr. Drew and said he was lying! I saw Dr. Drew months later and he told me how he had many phone calls and e-mails saying that Steven was lying. I asked Dr. Drew if he believes what Steven was saying to him and he answered no! In fact someone told me that they heard Dr. Drew vindicate me on his radio show.. So now I am looking forward to seeing these wonderful friends of mine and enjoying a few days reminiscing and enjoying each other’s company. I’m excited!
Deanna Adler

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