Three Bedroom Apartment for $195 a Month!

I was just rereading my manuscript ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ I started to remember how my life was  when my boys were young! I had just married my second husband mel adler, after we had been dating for five years. We were married in Cleveland Ohio and drove cross country to Los Angeles California. We had rented a three bedroom apartment for $195 a month! We thought that was a lot of money at that time, I can’t imagine what it goes for today! I was so happy to say I was a married woman. being a divorcee for five years wasn’t a good feeling. Now I have a husband who loves me and my boys! To love someone and for that person to love you back is the greatest feeling in the world. Lots of Good memories and lots of good stories to tell. Pre order my book ‘sweet child of mine’ and read what it was really like for me to raise three Sons, especially what it was like raising a’rockstar’!


Deanna Adler

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