Petty Cash!

Petty cash! When I moved to Las Vegas in 1996 I was paying all of Stevens bills! Of course it was his money but he wanted me to help him so I did, what a mistake that was! I would pay his bills and send him $1000 a week for spending money! Under normal circumstances $1000 a week would be enough for anyone but not Steven. In reality he was spending close to $150,000 a year just on drugs! How many rehabs how many interventions? It just never seemed to stop! Finally the money began to run out and as I said before taking care of his finances was a big mistake! He accused me of stealing millions of dollars from him but in reality he was the one spending millions on drugs through the years. Yes, he took care of my husband and I financially and I will be forever grateful for that. But you know that drug addicts always blame someone else for their mistakes and in my case he blames his mother!! pre order my book Sweet Child of mine, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

2 thoughts on “Petty Cash!

  1. Thanks for following my blog. It was through that, I discovered your book! I will now order it and read it carefully. Guns N Roses are dear to my young heart, and so is addictions. I have my BS of Psy. degree and am now pursuing my Masters. I plan on specializing in addcition and eating disorders. Thanks for sharing your insightful story.

  2. I know my step son is addicted to the ‘cheaper’ stuff – weed – he’s always asking for money and his bio mother is his biggest enabler. He moved in with us and since I felt bad for him, I gave him money every now and again – until I realized where it was going. He was furious one night when his father and I told him no. He was broke. He stomped out of here slamming doors and the front gate.
    He slowly had to stop smoking his weed in the a.m. but still depends on it to go to sleep. He mowed the grass one day and expected us to pay him for it. We tried to tell him that he lives here and is expected to do something around here since he didn’t go to school OR work.
    I’m trying to financially drain him so his rock bottom becomes a financial one – not a drug related crash. He informs me he can get drugs without money. I’m led to believe not as much if he had money.
    Anyway – we stopped the money flow in the hopes that it might help him …

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