Confessions! Mothers like to know whats going on in their sons lives but sometimes we receive a little too much information! Once steven confessed to me that he has had sex with over 2000 women! Whats that all about! I told him not to say things like that. If fact my exact words were “don’t talk like that” he just laughed! Lots of stories to tell but of course the names will be changed to protect them! like I said mothers don’t have to know everything!!!!!!  
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Deanna Adler

One thought on “Confessions!

  1. OMG, I laughed when I read this. In my twenties, I said something similarly inappropriate to my mom one time. I told her one of the girls I was dating – someone she seemed to really enjoy – was a prostitute. She took the news about the same way you did. What’s up with that kind of TMI?

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