Missed Opportunities

Missed opportunities! Steven was not entirely without friends who wanted him to succeed. Any time something good was about to happen he just couldn’t handle it. I remember one time when he was  with his band roadcrew, this was after he was dismissed from guns n roses. They were about to sign a recording contract. The record executives were standing in front of Stevens house talking when Stevens drug dealers drove up and right in front of the executives  Steven executes a drug deal! Money and drugs were exchanged. Why didn’t he tell the guys to come back? The answer to that is the drugs were more important to Steven than his band roadcrew and a record contract! Of course the executives left and in the next week or so roadcrew dismantled! It’s like every time something good is about to happen he destroys it! Today as I’m writing this Steven looks great and feels great. A lot has happened over the last 25 years. Pre-order my book Sweet Child of mine, you’re in for a surprise!

Deanna Adler

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