You Just Might be Surprised!

When you see a famous person, be it in the music business, the theater, the movies or any person in the public eye that are involved in drugs, does anyone ever think about how that drug habit affects the family.. especially the mother? Not really! That’s one of the reasons I wrote my book Sweet Child of Mine. I want people to realize that the person you see on the stage or on the screen has a private life also. I remember the night Steven won his American Music Awards. My son Jamie and I went to see him. Of course he didn’t know we were coming as we couldn’t get hold of him. His management team left tickets for us at will call. Jamie and I were very excited as we thought we would see him. No luck! Here we were in the audience but had no access to him. Afterwards as we were walking away from the venue we ran into Duff. He told us Steven left already. Of course he left, he had to go back to the solitude of his home. I can’t tell you how times Jamie and I have been hurt. We love Steven so much and we keep saying  that this time will be different but it never is. So think of the reality of the situation. Yes, they are famous and yes they are loved by millions of people but also know they are regular people with family that love them very much but are devastated each time something is said or printed negative about them. Today as I write this Steven’s life has changed dramatically. He has a beautiful loving wife and slowly we are trying to end our differences. It’s going to take a long time but I’m patient. So when you see a celebrity try to remember that you are looking at a façade of the real person. Think about what really goes on behind closed doors! You just might be surprised!


2 thoughts on “You Just Might be Surprised!

  1. happy christmas and healtyhy new year juat got out of hospitol i was hopeing thr BOOK WOULD ARRIVE as i prepaid long ago any ideas when jh

  2. You are so right and I had never thought about it from your perspective. In many people’s minds famous people are so “above” the rest of us that we often don’t consider the “other” life that goes on that we don’t hear about. I hope you and Steven can do a lot of healing as time passes.

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