The Drug Dealers Lawyer

When Steven was living in Vegas I was always scared that his drug dealer would come over to my home and kill me! What a way to live! I used to have all my blinds on  my windows closed all the time. At that time I was in control of Steven’s money and he was running short so I couldn’t give him as much money as he wanted to have for his drugs! And his dealers knew I had control over his money. It was a very frightening time for me. In fact it was his dealer that got Steven a lawyer to have control taken away from me! The drug dealers lawyer! 
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Deanna Adler

One thought on “The Drug Dealers Lawyer

  1. Amazing the way the legal system can be manipulated at times talk about conflict of interests they always say fact is stranger than fiction, if you wrote that in a novel they would tell you it wasn’t believable

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