Sucked Dry by the Drugs!

The year is 2006, after all these years and earning millions and millions of dollars he has spent all but 20,000. Every dime has gone to either the drug dealers, the doctors, or the attorneys! Steven has nothing to show for all the money. So now the last of his money will go to the attorneys as they fight over meager residue of what could have been impressive bank account. I look at my son and cannot believe that he is my son. Steven is a frail emaciated skeleton sucked dry by the drugs!
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2 thoughts on “Sucked Dry by the Drugs!

  1. First thank you for following my blog. Second, being a person recovering from addiction, I am always interested in hearing about the other side of it. The family. Your view is fascinating and heartbreaking to me. And yet I get it all! Thank you for your courage to share it with us.

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