Vacation from a Vacation

Jamie is back home from Arizona and the West Coast Fest. Everything turned out fine but he’s very tired. He will be going back on tour soon. Meanwhile I will be going home in a few days and I’m going to miss my family very much. Speaking of being tired, I’m also tired. I haven’t stopped running since I came here. I’m going to have to take a vacation from my vacation! Life is good.

Catch up with My Brother

I am having dinner tonight with my brother.  We are going to the Sun Café, which is an organic restaurant. I really enjoy eating healthy. It’s such a great place to go. I love it there. Oh sure, once in a while I have to have something that’s no good for me but mostly I try to behave myself. I haven’t seen my brother in months so it will be good to catch up with him.

Jamie’s Plans

Jamie just left to go on tour for the weekend. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and the rest of the West Coast Fest are on their way to Phoenix and Tempe Arizona for the weekend. Should be a fun weekend. Check them out if they are in your area this summer. If you run into Jamie give him my love and say I sent you!

A Fun Week Ahead

I’m back in Los Angeles. Palm Springs was too hot so I’m glad to be in Los now! People asked me why I would ever go to such a hot spot and the answer is family! As we all grow older we tend to realize the importance of being together as a family. Now this week I get to spend time with my son Jamie. I called Steven and cCarolina to tell them I was in town so hopefully I will be able to see them. If not, I understand. This is the week I get to spoil Jamie with all his favorite foods. I try to help him and anything I can do for him it will be my pleasure. I know it will be a fun week..

Art Contest

Today I gave my nieces and nephews an art project. I had picked up some wooden bird houses and some colored markers so they can decorate them. We are having a contest to see which one was the best. I couldn’t believe how creative they are! Not only did they color the bird houses but gluded on leaves and twigs. One of my nephews even made a swing attached to the birdhouse out of dental floss and a short straw! For children ages 3 to 7 to come up with such a design process I was very impressed. Me, I would have taken the crayons and markers and just painted the bird houses. These kids took it to another level. My family and I judged the finished project and of course they were all winners. The grand prize was one dollar and each child received a grand prize. It was a fun afternoon. It’s good to be with family.


Life is Good

Breakfast with the family! Gluten-free pancakes, organic syrup, and decaf coffee. Very nice. My family is very much into organic foods and because of that my diet has really changed plus the fact that my body cannot take any processed foods. This is what happens when you get older! This afternoon we are going to a chimpanzee sanctuary in Palm Springs. It is not open to the public but my sister has a close friend who is involved so we are lucky to be able to have a chance to go there. The kids are all so excited but then we all are. Life is good!


Such is Life

Nothing exciting happy today. Before I leave on a trip I always like to clean my house and the last thing I do is vacuum the carpeting. I like to come home to a clean house. One time my family and I went on a little vacation and we were gone a few days but when we returned to the house I saw foot prints on my carpeting. It seems that our home was broken into. The only thing stolen was a large water bottle filled with coins. We probably wouldn’t have noticed that they were gone so quickly if not for the foot prints on the carpeting. It’s a terrible feeling to know that strangers were in our home. You really do feel violated! After that happened we installed a burglar alarm system. Isn’t that how it is, first you get robbed then you put the alarm system in. Such is life!