Such is Life

Nothing exciting happy today. Before I leave on a trip I always like to clean my house and the last thing I do is vacuum the carpeting. I like to come home to a clean house. One time my family and I went on a little vacation and we were gone a few days but when we returned to the house I saw foot prints on my carpeting. It seems that our home was broken into. The only thing stolen was a large water bottle filled with coins. We probably wouldn’t have noticed that they were gone so quickly if not for the foot prints on the carpeting. It’s a terrible feeling to know that strangers were in our home. You really do feel violated! After that happened we installed a burglar alarm system. Isn’t that how it is, first you get robbed then you put the alarm system in. Such is life!


5 thoughts on “Such is Life

  1. Sometimes we have to have that wake-up call before we think we need something like that — what an awful experience for you, but I’m so glad it wasn’t a lot worse!

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