Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. My mother, Big Lily, died on June 7, 1993. 20 years ago. I think the only time I think of her is on Mother’s Day. That doesn’t sound very nice but it’s the truth. My mother had six children and I was the black sheep! I don’t remember her ever being nice to me which is very sad. She was a very cold and manipulative person. I’m so glad I don’t take after her. By the way I was raised and how I was treated its only by sheer luck and God’s help that I was able to grow up to be a loving kind person. I’m going to spend Mother’s Day with my family and I feel very blessed to be able to be with them. I hope all the mothers out in the world have a wonderful day and feel as blessed as I do. Happy Mother’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

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