Living Well

It’s that time of year when I make my rounds visiting the doctors for my yearly checkup. The time has gone so fast, I can’t believe it’s time again! No one wants to do it  but we must. It’s very important  to take care of ourselves, because if we don’t ,believe me no one else will. If there is something wrong with me than I must have it taken care of immediately. I’ve had a few friends that didn’t go to the doctor for their annual checkup and believe me they are suffering now. It’s not that we’re afraid to take all these tests , but what we worry about is the results! So I’m going to go and take all my tests and have a positive attitude. In reality that’s all I can do. Remember, I will be 72 years old next month and I’m certainly not ready to call it a day! I’ve still got a lot of living to do.


One thought on “Living Well

  1. That’s a wonderful attitude — you are a good example. I hate going to the doctor, so maybe a better attitude about it myself would make it easier.

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