The Trouble with Reunions

Yesterday, I received an invite to another high school reunion! The last one I went to was my 50th and that was in 2010. What a horrible time I had. I was so excited to go and see everyone but in reality I was so disappointed. I don’t recommend fifty-year reunions for anyone! Now they want to get together for 53rd. reunion . I guess they don’t want to wait for a  60th as maybe will all  be gone by then. NO! I am not going as I don’t want to be disappointed again. Once was enough! It’s funny but while we went to high school we all had our little cliques! I would think you would outgrow that but at my last reunion it was the same thing. Everybody congregated to the same people they were friends with in high school. If you weren’t in their cliques  then they still didn’t want to talk with you. I’ve outgrown that so I really don’t care to be around people I have nothing in common with anymore. So have a great 63rd reunion and know that I’m staying home where I belong!!!!



8 thoughts on “The Trouble with Reunions

  1. I can’t blame you! I kept in touch with the people I actually liked and I don’t need to go to a reunion to hang around feeling uncomfortable again. I think you’ll enjoy yourself much more out on your patio!

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