Life is Precious

When did my sons stop needing me? I guess it was a gradual process, but I can’t remember when it began. I remember when I would hold their hands while crossing the street. Now they’re holding mine for fear that I might fall down! Now they seem to worry about me, whereas I worried about them. Slowly the roles are reversing. I like that they are concerned about me, but I’d rather be concerned about them. I remember my grandson Max when he was a small child he told me ”grandma, you’re older than dirt!” It was so funny to hear him say that, of course he was only teasing me because in reality he thinks of me as the youngest grandma around! I always say life passes us by in a blink of a eye and that is so true. I have a lot of good memories and a few bad ones. I’m going to focus on the good! Life is so precious and I want to hold on as long as I can.



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