Help from the Internet

I’m worried about my son Kenny because he has type II diabetes. He got out of bed today and said his feet were killing him. He has a doctor’s appointment on Monday so it’s the weekend and the doctors are not on call. The Internet has really helped me understand what he’s really going through. There are so many websites explaining  diabetes to me….now I’m really glad I bought my computer. The whole world is at my fingertips! As I always say I’m going to take one day at a time and do the best I can for him and for myself. Even though my sons are grown they are still my boys no matter how old they get. I’m just very glad that he will be under a doctor’s care and everything will be all right.


2 thoughts on “Help from the Internet

  1. Hi Deanna it sounds like he might have Nueropathy in his feet. I know there are lots of treatments for that as my boyfriend has it as well. Best of luck to Kenny and hope he feels better soon xo

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