Guests from out of town

I don’t think one month goes by when I don’t have guests from out of town! I remember my husband Mel told me if we moved to Las Vegas you’re not going to be able to see anyone. What a joke that is! I was trying to run away from Steven but that didn’t work. My son Kenny and my grandson Max moved here a few months later. Steven then moved here and lived right down the street from me. So what was he talking about? I see more of my family living here in Vegas than I did when I lived 30 minutes away from them in Los Angeles. Of course I’m glad about that, it’s always good to see family. Now, about the friends. They call me up and tell me they’re in town so they want me to drop everything and come and see them. NO! Of course I wind up going to the strip and having dinner with them but you know what, when you don’t see someone for a long time it seems like you have nothing in common with them, so dinner is perfect! Hello, how are you, how’s your family, how long will you be here, it’s so good to see you and that’s about it. Sad but true. Think of the alternative, what if no one ever called you. Now that would be sad so in reality. I’m glad when someone calls, it means they are thinking of me and want to spend some time with me. So CALL and I’ll meet you for dinner!


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