Eating Right!

I mentioned the other day that I was not going to have any meat or poultry for a while. I’m just going to juice and have lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. Well, I woke up this morning craving bacon and eggs! Wait a minute, I’m proud to say that I didn’t give in to my cravings! I made a large container of juice and that was my breakfast. I must say I can’t believe I did this because I’m the person that loves bread and steak more than anything else! Well I’m not going to give up! Hopefully tomorrow morning when I wake up I’ll be craving a fruit smoothie! YES!


8 thoughts on “Eating Right!

  1. Hahaha how is your healthy eating regime going ? Im a vege by choice an it is quite easy because I don’t actually like meat but if it makes you feel any better all my family think Im seriously weird for not enjoying a big chunky meaty steak covered in peppercorn sauce…..
    Fab Blog
    Victoria xx

  2. Good luck with that one. I’m also a person who would be lost without meat in my diet.
    I did go through a stage of juicing everything! Some of it is so yummy, others not so great. You learn along the way and I did feel better after a week or two.

  3. Let me know if you need any moral support with your new eating habits. One piece of advice, don’t limit yourself to just fruits and veggies. You need substance in your tummy or else you will feel like you are starving to death. I always start my day with a piece of whole grain toast, a very thick layer of homemade cilantro hummus, some fresh fruit (but not juice) and a ton of wilted spinach. I’m not hungry after that.

  4. Bacon was one of the things I missed most during the year I didn’t eat meat. It smells sooo good! You sound like you have a lot of determination so I am sure you’ll do well on this way of eating. It wakes a person up to things they never noticed about other foods before. Hang in there and good luck, Deanna!

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