Life without Internet

I haven’t had the Internet in two days! Before I got my computer I just called family and friends on the phone, now I feel lost without the Internet. My phone hardly ever rings…it’s amazing! Sometimes when I want to know where my sons are I just go on the Internet and use Facebook and find out what they’re doing. The personal feeling is gone as almost everything is computerized now. I’m thinking about getting a smart phone but it looks so difficult to use. I’m going to look into it but I don’t want to be left behind completely


8 thoughts on “Life without Internet

  1. The whole Internet universe is a bit of a dilemma for me, too. It is really impersonal but everybody’s doing it. I finally jumped on the smart phone bandwagon just before Christmas, and it has actually been a blessing. A bit of a learning curve (nothing a Facebook and WordPress user couldn’t master 🙂 ), but you can blog, check your email, read novels, listen to music …

  2. I’m definitely a heavy user of the internet, smart phones (texting), etc., but I think you’re right. When I haven’t seen or talked to a friend of loved one in a while, when it’s an important topic, or when I just need some actual “engagement”, I have lunch with them, stop by their house, or pick up the phone. Technology is a great way to stay in touch “slightly”, but we do need actual human interaction as well. Cheers!

  3. I know the feeling, I feel lost if I’m not connected! Go for the smart phone and once you do, you’ll wonder how you’ve getting along without it.

  4. I can imagine…I felt that four months ago, as if I was lost, wondering and most of all, waiting. I hate it when I am left without a clue and wait for the details to arrive…. I never like making phone calls. Because one question will be followed by “by the way’s and so it begins”—> I only have one, only one question…..:-) I prefer SMS, email or IM. You’ll surpass that “at a lost” feeling as you opt for an alternative…. Your right, the technology indeed! goodduck!

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