Happy Birthday to my son, Steven Adler!

Forty-eight years ago this morning, I went into labor! My son Steven was born or as I like to say, ‘hatched’, this morning. I remember the first time I saw him he had white hair and his eyes were swollen shut! When he finally opened his eyes they were the bluest blue you could have ever seen. The first three months he cried ALL the time. The doctor said he was colic and it was very hard because he didn’t want to sleep and he didn’t eat well. After about three months he started to blossom and turned into a beautiful baby… he grew up to be a very good-looking! Golden blonde hair, blue eyes, great personality and very loving. I’m not going to discuss the highs and lows of the past 48 years, I just want to wish him a very happy birthday. May your future be filled with good health and much love surrounding you. I wish many, many more birthdays to come! Here’s to you Steven Adler, the best is yet to come! I love you very much ❤

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