A Heartfelt Memory in the Hospital

Today wasn’t a good day for me as while I was volunteering at the hospital I was asked to take a wheelchair to admitting and take a patient to the emergency room. I walked over and the man reminded me of Steven when he was on drugs. He looked like him, dressed like him, and sounded just like him. His face was cut from where he had fallen and as he had hit his jaw. He mumbled to me to not take him to the emergency room but security insisted that he get help. Would you believe he was also a drummer in a rock band? I overheard him talking and I looked at him and started crying because he brought back a lot of bad memories of my own son. I immediately had to leave the room. People pretend when we’re out in the world that everything is fine but in reality it just takes a familiar sound or a look and the past comes rushing back. That’s what happened to me today when I saw this guy and my heart just broke. It was all so familiar to me. Before I left the hospital I went back to the emergency room to see how he was doing and he was fast asleep. I pray that he gets his life together. One time Steven told me that I couldn’t live his life for him and that each person has to deal with their own demons. I now realize that but it took a long time coming.

3 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Memory in the Hospital

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