A Trip to the Grocery Store

Today I went shopping for some groceries as I found out yesterday that my son Kenny was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes .This time I looked at all the labels to see how much sugar there was in each product . I bought a pot roast and some vegetables though carrots are filled with sugar as well as potatoes so I’m going to roast the meat in some beef broth and season with a lot of spices . Since I live with my son I’m going to make sure I prepare foods that he can enjoy. Now that I know that he has type II diabetes I will do the best I can for him.


6 thoughts on “A Trip to the Grocery Store

  1. My dad has diabetes and he is doing great because my mom makes healthy meals and takes care of him. He’s a little too stubborn to take care of himself, but he does really well by following the doctor’s instructions. He has a healthy diet, exercise, and they tend to his feet and teeth. Sometimes he goes too long without eating, which isn’t good, so I get him juices and diabetic candies for that purpose, which helps to fight his stubbornness. Sounds like your on the right path to keeping your son well. Sorry about the diagnosis, but health can be maintained very well 🙂

      • I’m glad, I just know that it can be scary to have that diagnosis or know someone with it. It’s prevalent in my family so I’m a little desensitized and never feel worry for my dad. Anyway, I’m glad it helps. My family members with diabetes lived a quality life to 80s and 90s, my dad is 69. Take care 🙂

  2. Finding out about having type 2 diabetes can be a shock, but as long as one is eating the right things then it can be controlled. Carrots and potatoes one does have to be careful of–one can have them, just not too much of them due to the hint of sugar in it.

      • Not a problem; I am going through it myself, since I was officially diagnosed as a Type 2 around September 2011. It’s not just about the medication (have they placed him on any as of yet?) but definitely about proper eating and portioning. There is a lot of misconception that diabetes is always associated with too much sugar; I wasn’t the type eating lots of chocolates but I did indulge in quite a few carbs, which themselves contain sugar as well as sports drinks in order to quench my thirst rather than having water or something that has less sugar content.

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