My Experience With Angels

My experience with Angels,
One day a few years ago I was driving home after going shopping. I was caught in heavy traffic so my car was at a standstill. I’m listening to the radio when I glanced up and saw a large SUV coming straight for me! The driver was trying to make a left-hand turn and traffic was rapidly approaching her side of the street. The driver had no way to go except straight to me! I knew she was going to hit me on the driver”s side and I was caught in traffic so I could not move out of her way. I closed my eyes and I heard the crash but I never felt anything. All I know is that my eyes were closed and I felt so warm and safe. While my eyes were closed I saw angels wing’s surrounding my body. I could see the tips of the angel’s wings on my lap but my eyes were closed. The next thing I heard was a voice telling me to unlock my door. I looked up and saw a young man and he was telling me that I was fine but to please unlock the car door. I did as he said and got out of the car. The next thing I knew I was in a parking lot standing next to my car. The young man was gone and I started to cry. The driver side of the car was bent but yet I was able to open the door and get out. Needless to say the car was completely totaled! I will never forget the warmth I felt when I looked down at my angels wings on my lap. I believe with all my heart that my guardian angel saved my life and that the young man who told me to open my car door was also an angel. This was an experience I’ll never forget! I must also mention that the next day I got out of bed and had such a case of whiplash like you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t even move! But I know my guardian angels saved my life.

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