Preventing Shingles

What is shingles? It is a painful skin rash. It is most common in older adults who have a weak immune system because of stress, taking certain medications or even injury. Shingles occurs when the virus that causes chickenpox starts up again in our body. The chickenpox virus never leaves our body but lays dormant in your nerve roots. So something that happens to you triggers the dormant virus to become active again. I mention this because I got a call from my sister this morning and she told me she had shingles! Six months ago my brother called me to tell me he has shingles! A year ago my oldest sister called and said she has shingles! What the hell is going on? I’m going to check into getting a shot so hopefully I won’t get it. Of all my family I thought I had the most stress! Again, I’m wrong. See, you never know how anyone lives their lives behind closed doors. The good thing is that you take the antibiotics the doctor prescribed for you and in a few weeks you’re just fine. Tomorrow I’m calling my doctor to check on that shot that they give you to prevent shingles!


One thought on “Preventing Shingles

  1. All this time I was totally unaware there was a shot for shingles, but now that you’ve said it I’ll be sure to check into it — I’ve seen what shingles looks like on a few other people and have decided I never want it myself! Good luck with that and I hope you are able to avoid being another one in your family to ever suffer with it!

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