Memory Files

I have kept personal files for all my sons. Pictures, letters, school work, cards. It’s nice to reread them every once in a while. Today was that day. I began reading Jamie’s file. It sure brought back a lot of good memories and a few bad ones! I just read a Christmas card he made in school in 1979. He was four years old so I guess it was preschool. This is what he wrote in his card: Dear mom and dad, I love you because you love me and you bought me a bike. Love, Jamie. Is that sweet or what?! From the handwriting I’m sure the teacher wrote it for him. When I see parents today with young children I think about how fast the years have gone and I wish I could tell them to enjoy their children because they grow up so fast. A blink of the eye! Now that my boys have grown up I’m glad I kept these personal files so I can look back and remember.


One thought on “Memory Files

  1. That IS sweet! Now, aren’t you glad you went ahead and got him the bike?! Lol! I had memory boxes like that for my kids and it’s funny how many memories you don’t think about until you go back through the box. I ended up losing my daughter’s box in an accident (we were moving with helpers and someone mistook it for a throw-away box), but managed to keep most of the photographs that were taken with that old pocket instamatic film camera! Ah, good times! You are sooo right — they do grow up so fast!

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