Old Friend

I can’t believe it! I just got off the phone with my friend from high school. Her name is Julie, I haven’t seen or talked to her in 50 years. I thought she might have been coming to our high school reunion a few years ago but she wasn’t there. I’m very excited. She got my telephone number from a mutual friend of ours. Anyways, she will be in Las Vegas for five days. She wants to see me and catch up on the last 50 years. That’s funny, I think that would take more than five days. I’ve got to gather up some pictures of my family to show her. She does not own a computer so she can’t keep up with me on Facebook. I don’t think I would have gotten a computer if my family did not insist upon it. I figured I was too old and wouldn’t be able to learn how to work it. Boy! I was wrong. A few lessons and I know the basics and that’s really all I need to know. Anyways, I’m very happy that an old friend looked me up . It will be good to see her once more. I hope I recognize her. I’ll tell her that I’ll be wearing a red rose on my jacket so she will recognize me. I still see her at age 18 and now we’re both in our 70s. I can’t wait.


4 thoughts on “Old Friend

  1. What fun. Some thing similar happened to me 2 years ago. My high school boyfriend (graduated in 1966) contacted me. It was really fun remembering together. Have fun with you friend!

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