Has anyone watched that TV show Hoarders! Sometimes I can watch it and sometimes I can’t. Today I watched a man that can’t give up anything. His house was like a giant garbage heap. He said his reason for hoarding was that it started when members of his family died. I know that losing a loved one is very difficult and each individual deals with it a bit differently. When my mother and father passed away my sisters asked me if I wanted anything of theirs. I told them to light a match and burn the whole house up! It might sound mean to you but the life that I lived growing up in their home was something I try to forget. When my husband Mel died I wanted to give everything I had away. It was like I needed to start all over again. I didn’t want anything. I gave away all my crystal and china and all my knickknacks. I just wanted to keep the basics! Like I said everyone reacts differently to death.. Growing up, bad memories. Taking care of my husband for 14 years, bad memories. So this is how I deal with death! My husband used to tell me ”the living go on living” I will tell you one thing, it’s been six years since my husband passed away and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him.


4 thoughts on “Memories

  1. You know, I bet they could make a whole new show about people like you, how you just want to get rid of it all and start out new and fresh. I have known both kinds in my life. For the most part I have experienced the hoarding with my family. It can be because of death or a breakup/divorce. When me and my now ex-husband separated, I knew I wanted a whole new bedroom. I was so so sick of the Louisville themed colors. I wanted something feminine. I bought paint that was a baby teal and got all white furniture and got pretty pillows for the bed. It felt great to start fresh. Not to say the breakup was easy, it wasn’t and I struggled for a year or more over it. It felt incredible at first, freedom, no more fighting, space in my closets, the house was clean, no more soda cans stacked up to the ceiling getting knocked over and big red on my white carpet. No more ants from the mess he left behind. But of course that soon became a great deal of panic. I was convinced no one would ever love me again. I thought the angry fighting life we had was as good as it would ever get. Feb 19th will be my two year anniversary with my guy I am with now. We live together and he has never once yelled at me. I am happier than I have every been. My life is completely different. So maybe we should write in to those stations and suggest they do a show about people wanting to start over after a loss, be it death or breakup. People could come in and go through everything and get rid of it all and repaint and buy furniture and make it theirs again.

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