Thanksgiving Memories

I was just watching the Wendy Williams show, you know, “how you doin”, and she was talking about Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter overdosing on heroine. This happened two days before Thanksgiving and thankfully, she will be okay. Wendy said “that she would rather go to jail than have Thanksgiving dinner at her parent’s house and have her parent’s think that every time she went to the bathroom they would think she was doing drugs”. That brought me back to a few Thanksgiving dinners ago when Steven would come for dinner and spend the majority of time in the bathroom doing heroine. It was never a happy family gathering but I always wanted to believe that this time would be different. It’s funny how a spoken work,picture or even a TV show brings up memories that you thought were buried deep in your mind.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Memories

  1. My mother died while I was still an active addict. I am clean for 236 days as I write this, and pray that she is looking down from her peaceful eternity, finally able to rest now that I have found a new life. Deanna, I pray that you find the peace that will give you the assurance that Steven is no longer fighting for the drug, and that his soul is at rest. Much love and respect to you for making your journey so public.

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