Bond….James Bond

I went to see the new JAMES BOND movie and I loved it! I don’t think I was breathing throughout the entire movie. It was filled with so much action that it seemed like I was constantly holding my breath. It’s funny when I go to the movies the experience is not complete unless you’re eating a BIG bag of popcorn. By the way, the price is now $7.00 for a medium bag, ridiculous, but we’ve got to have it.


7 thoughts on “Bond….James Bond

  1. Hello,
    Just checking out your blog and reading some posts. My heart is with you. You visited my blog a while back. I am a mother of 4. 2 young adults and 2 teenagers. They’re not into any vice but they each have their own issue going on so it isn’t easy! Now I am realizing it’s a LOT easier when they were little. But of course those days will never go back anymore. I just hope they get matured soon coz I’m getting exhausted with the emotional roller-coaster.

    Anyway, I rented yesterday the movie Hope Springs: Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carrell. Now I have to check James Bond! Must be good. I remember watching Air Force One and that is one movie that I was always at the edge of my seat and kept holding my breath. If you haven’t watched Crash (Sandra Bullock, Brendan Frasier – if I remember correctly), that movie is different, the word to use is “intense” – check it out. Shawshank redemption of course is my all time favorite, I even wrote about it (

    Thanks for the tip on the Bond movie. Have a good rest on your new bed! I NEED a new one but not in my budget 🙂

    Take care and Happy blogging – Anna from Delaware

    • Anna,
      Thank you for the support and I hope that things will get easier for your children. No matter the age they will ALWAYS need your support & love to guide them down the correct paths in life. I will check out the movies, thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I loved the movie too. I actually saw it on an Imax screen, so it made an already awesome movie even more incredible. It was already great on its own, but the way they tied in some of the classic Bond elements/characters was genius. I am so looking forward to the next one!

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