Ronnie’s Birthday!

Tonight we are celebrating my brother-in-law Ronnie’s birthday.  75 years old or should I say 75 years young because he has to be the youngest 75 year old man I know.  The whole family gathered at this fabulous restaurant for a great dinner.  Of course,we had to have every dessert on the menu.  The evening is one that I will remember for a long time.  My sister Greta and her husband Ron are so very lucky to be surrounded by such a loving family.  What I saw last night and what I see every time I visit is so rare.  Whatever they did to raise such a loving family I wish I had known the secret.


3 thoughts on “Ronnie’s Birthday!

  1. Deanna,

    Hi! john here, from the Book of Pain poetry blog ( Just got a message that you are now following it and I wanted to drop by and say thank you and return the favor.

    I am blown away by your site, it hits me very hard. Being a parent of an out of control child is hard. What do you do but love them and try to be strong for them?

    Thank you!


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