Eat and Run

I have not cooked Thanksgiving dinner in over 10 years. Now I go to my sister’s house or out to a nice restaurant. The last dinner I prepared was delicious but it came with to much drama! I told myself this is it, I’m never cooking thanksgiving dinner again. The family gets together maybe once a year and what happens, all hell breaks loose! Everyone’s fighting, I get a headache from cooking all day, it’s too much to cleanup, the drains get clogged, the garbage disposal breaks and because it’s a holiday the plumber won’t come for three or four days. The kitchen begins to have a sour smell. No More! Now I have started a new tradition in the Adler household it is called Eat and Run! That’s the way I like it. Come over for dinner and then get out! I like this new tradition. If you want you can try it also. It works for me and trust me it will work for you!


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