Long Drive

I’m driving to Los Angeles tomorrow but I’m not looking forward to the long drive. It’s only four ½ hours but lately it’s turned into over five hours. I turn on my oldies but goodies radio station and hit the road! I’d like to drive with someone but no one can get away at the time I’m going. I don’t fly as I need my car. I like to visit but I don’t want to take anyone away from their normal life, so I have my car and I could come and go as I wish. A few months ago Jamie told me his friend needed a ride to Los Angeles from Vegas. I said sure, I’ll have some company and he can help drive. Well, I picked him up at the Mirage hotel. He gets in the car and I swear he fell asleep five minutes later and never woke up until we got to Los Angeles. Here I think I’ll have some company and he can drive a bit. But boy was I wrong! When I dropped him off in Los Angeles I said to him “Listen to me, the keywords are drive back to Los Angeles with me not sleep!” He laughed and apologized to me and said next time will be different. I didn’t want to tell him there will never be a next time..NEVER!


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