Miserable Day

A Miserable day! Woke up with a urinary tract infection! I immediately got dressed and went to urgent care. I was there for over three hours but you know what, if I had to sit there all day I would have just to get some antibiotics. Anyone who has had one knows exactly what I mean and to those who have never had one, how lucky can you be! So now I can relax and drink lots of water and cranberry juice. Tomorrow has got to be better!

10 thoughts on “Miserable Day

  1. I used to get UTI’s a LOT several years ago. I bought boxes and boxes of Uristat to help with the pain until I could get to a doctor. Then, I started taking cranberry pills every day and the infections became less and less. I haven’t had one in years (knock on wood!). I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  2. I feel your pain! Those are the worst and you cant know how bad it feels until you have one. Always keep Uristat on hand (its OTC if you’ve never heard of it) at all times – it’ll make the wait for antibiotics much more bareable!

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