Can you believe Halloween is this week! Before we know it Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be here. This past year has really gone by fast, but then again time goes by in a blink of an eye. I love Halloween. Last year I must have had over 100 trick or treaters! I’m glad that I had bought a lot of goodies. I remember when my boys were little. Every Halloween I made the same thing for dinner. Hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans! The boys would invite their friends over for dinner and then run out of the house and go trick-or-treating. I would give each boy a white pillow case and when they got home all the pillowcases were filled with so much candy. It was so funny! Then the first thing they would do is go in the living room and sit down on the floor and sort all the candy. They never found out that every day after I would grab a handful of candy and throw it  in the garbage! There was just too much candy and they never noticed a few pieces missing. Good memories!


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