Bette Davis

I’m sitting in bed. My flu is still with me! It doesn’t seem to want to go away. I’m reading Bette Davis’s biography. She is my all time favorite actress. One summer a few years ago I stayed with some friends in Laguna Beach California. Can you believe Bette Davis house was right next door to the home I was in. Or I should say former home for she had passed away. As soon as I heard that I went out on the beach and looked up. Yes! It was true there was a large metal D. for Davis on the chimney. I wanted to knock on the present owners door and asked if I could come in and look through all the rooms. Of course I didn’t do that but I sure wanted to! I sat on the beach and looked up at the house. I was so happy. I wish I would have met her only to tell her I was her number one fan.

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