Funny Story

 I was just talking to a friend and we were reminiscing about when my son Jamie was little. She reminded me of this story. When Jamie was four years old his grandparents Stormin Norman and Big Lilly came over  to visit. My father had just bought a new car the day before so Jamie asked if he could wash it. My dad said okay so I got a bucket and some warm soapy water. I did not realize that Jamie had taken some SOS pads from underneath the kitchen sink. After about 10 minutes I went back outside to check on Jamie and he sure washed the new car! He had used the SOS pads on the bottom half of the car and scratched it all up. Thank goodness he couldn’t reach higher. I couldn’t believe it but you know what my parents never even noticed that the car was all scratched up! I knew they both wore glasses but in reality they were blind as bats!! LOL!
P.S. I never said a word to them and they must of had that car for years and they never noticed. That’s a true story.

2 thoughts on “Funny Story

  1. FABULOUS story! Thanks for sharing! It gave me smiles & got me remembering some of the goofy things that my own kids did!

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