I am so silly! Today I went to an auction and was bidding on a suitcase that had some old blankets in it. I got so excited that I bid $30 and then I heard the auctioneers say $30 so then I said $40! The auctioneer said why are you bidding against yourself? Needless to say everyone laughed and so did I. I was just so excited that I didn’t realize what I was doing. It was fun and I came away with some old blankets that I’m going to wash and give to charity. I’m looking forward to going to another auction because there really a lot of fun.

6 thoughts on “Auction

  1. I burst out laughing at my computer screen as I was reading today’s entry.You are so cute! I wish I could have been there to witness it.Too, too funny! Bless your generous heart.

  2. mrs adler when is book comeing out. i meet steven many times in 87 on there theatre tour funny NICE GUY. loved my skate board until his trick splite it in 2 all in fun john

  3. Hi Deanna,
    I have read Steven’s book, I want to read yours. I am from Australia and ould like to pre order an signed copy of you and Steven please. I have tried to find a link but it keeps going nowhere or Amazon which the price is more and not signed so could you help direct me to where to be able to do this? My adult daughter is an addict and reading is what keeps me going. I have read many books about addiction and it helps, thanks, Lilly

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