Just my Son

I have never thought of myself as a mother of a rock star. To me he has always been just my son, never a rock star. Those years when he was in Guns N’ Roses were so hard  on all of us. I never want to live like that again! The lies, the pain of not talking to my son, of not knowing where he was. His little brother being so hurt because Steven didn’t want to be in Jamies life.  How do you tell a young boy that his brother is a drug addict and  wants nothing to do with him or his family. No! I don’t want to live like that.


One thought on “Just my Son

  1. Its funny, because stevens childhood was very simular to the one im living now. He said he wanted to burn his book he wrote, but i dont think he has, when he comes to vancouver ill be sure to burn it with him, and also burn bad memories of mine so we can both let them go and be free.

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