All I Know

I can’t tell anyone what they can do in regard to their children. All know is what I’ve gone through and hopefully I’ve learned a few lessons! Believe me it’s taken many many years to own up to what I’ve done in my life. I wrote my book to let other mothers and fathers know what I’ve gone through and maybe just maybe let other parents know that they are not alone! That’s very important. I’ve never met anyone who I can really talk to and understand what I’ve gone through! There was no one to share my stories with. Believe me, we all have stories that we want to share with each other. So I wrote this book which I hope you will all read and know in your heart that it is not your fault! As a parent our job was to teach our children respect, the meaning between right and wrong, love of our beliefs! If we did that, we did our job as parents. Now it’s time for us to let go and live our own lives. I will always be there for my sons whenever they need me but that doesn’t mean I have to condone what they do in their own lives.


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