Thrown out of Guns and Roses!

I remember when Steven was thrown out of Guns and Roses! It was in 1990 and I was watching the MTV award show and Axl Rose announced in front of the whole world that Steven was a drug addict and was not going to be in the band anymore because of his use of drugs! I couldn’t believe it! I know they were all on drugs but why was Steven kicked out! I wanted to die because now everybody would know that my son was a drug addict! I didn’t want to go to work the next day but I had to! You know what, not one person said anything to me about Steven after that night! Never again at work my coworkers or my customers said one word about Steven! My husband told me that no one will say anything to me because they didn’t want to hurt me. They all knew my heart was broken.


6 thoughts on “Thrown out of Guns and Roses!

    • You actually have that kind of backwards. Izzy was cleaned up at this point; Slash & Duff were in the midst of severe alcoholism/heroin/coke addictions from which they didn’t recover until 95-96; Axl never had a drug habit (not to say he hadn’t used, but when he got serious about singing, he ditched the drugs; they got in the way of what he wanted to do, messed up his throat, etc).

      I’ve been looking and looking to find this MTV award show where this happened and I haven’t found it yet. At the AMAs, which took place in 1990, it was Duff & Slash who (drunkenly) accepted the award. The only thing I have found was a 1991 MTV interview when Axl told Kurt Loder that Steven had been fired. Is that what we’re talking about? They were nominated for a few other awards, but they didn’t win anything else until ’92.

      • Wow. I was 17 at the time and only heard what I guess Axl wanted everybody to hear – that he’d gone all anti drugs/drink and that Steven wouldn’t get his act together. Reaffirms my belief that Axl is a total a-hole if there ever was one.

        Thanks for putting me straight!

      • Wait, why is he an a-hole? He publicly called out Slash and Izzy for their heroin use, too, so it’s not like he singled out Steven. The difference was, somehow the other guys managed to be functioning addicts whereas Steven was more severely affected by the drugs, not to mention all the scary drug dealers that Deanna has mentioned here before. From what I understand, it was the other guys who were getting fed up first with Steven’s behavior because they were the ones who were in the studio with him; I think it’s more a case of don’t shoot the messenger (Axl).

        And Deanna, I’m sorry. Regardless of what was going on behind the scenes, it still had to be horrifying as a mother to see it play out like that.

      • As I said, I only heard the hype – I was just a kid. I don’t even know which version of Slash and Izzy being fired/leaving is actually true because the media says one thing and the fans say another (the last song I really liked was November Rain – wasn’t too keen on later music). I was also guilty of reading Kerrang – which I now obviously know is full of rubbish. I ought to have stuck with Metal Hammer for the real news.

        Whatever the truth is (and thank you for putting me straight on a few things) it’s still quite sickening that it was done so publically. I’m not sure that it was really neccessary, and I believe it could have been kept quite, rather than having Steven’s problems blown wide open by the media and possibly even the band. Everybody is somebody’s child after all 😦

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