Rock ‘N Roll All the Way!

When Steven was a teenager we would go shopping for school clothes about a week before school started. We really struggled financially so everything we bought was very important. So we would go to Macy’s or to Sears and buy the clothes. The moment we got home Steven would take his new shirts and cut off the sleeves and then the neck! Boy! That really upset my husband, his stepfather. Of course we would then have a fight about how he would ruin his shirts. But that was Steven and to him that was the style! Rock ‘n roll all the way!


One thought on “Rock ‘N Roll All the Way!

  1. It’s good to have your own style! Steven never ran with the crowd! He was certainly unique to you as he was to the fans that loved him then and the fans that adore him now. That’s why we all loved/love him like we do. He inspires me as he wants to/is fighting the demons to get to the other side. “Best of luck Stevie, u can and will do it! Make YOUR story a success! I for one believe u can!” xxxxx

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